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"Before installing foot switches from Transtech Innovations, we were replacing our mechanical units on average once a year. Since 1996, we have installed more than 750 units on various models with excellent results. With the latest model we have hardly needed replacement or maintenance. All in all, a great return on our investment!"

Pascal Ouellette,
STM Engineering Section Manager,
Bus Maintenance

“We asked Transtech Innovations to collaborate on the development of a new Auxiliary Power Control Box for one of our clients. It was a fast-track project, and Transtech's contribution was instrumental. They responded quickly with a full commitment. We met the deadlines and installed a robust and highly reliable unit.”

Daniel Lanoix,
Bombardier Transport:
Manager, System Engineering

Transtech bus/train power electronics, monitoring systems, and control modules come with many value-added benefits. We offer an array of products: Transtech can design anything from a custom train headlight/auxiliary light control module, a bus headlight control module or electronic foot switch, custom bus/train power electronics, and more. Whatever the need, all of our products adhere to the highest standards....

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Bus/Train Electronics: Monitoring Systems, Power Electronics, and Bus/Train Control Module Design

Transtech Innovations offers a variety of durable products for the transit industry. Whether manufacturing a standard train control module, a custom bus control unit, or any other bus/train electronics, let Transtech develop a solution suited to your needs.

If you have a challenge and you need creative engineering, a high sensitivity to client needs, and one-stop manufacturing, contact us to learn how we can work together! Transtech’s product line includes:

Oftentimes, a standard bus and train control module or power system will not fit the required specifications. Whether you need a standard train control module, a custom bus control unit, or specialized bus/train electronics, Transtech is here to serve you. We are proud to be a one-stop shop in custom engineering for mass transit manufacturers and can customize our products to fit your specific needs. Transtech handles product design, engineering, qualification testing, and manufacturing to deliver high-quality products. Our bus/train control module and bus/train power electronics are made to withstand severe environments, resisting the effect of everyday wear and tear and minimizing maintenance costs. Our monitoring systems ensure passenger safety and proper functioning of bus/train electronics.

Our solutions are environmentally-friendly and long-lasting. Whether for a train headlight control module, bus footswitch, windshield wiper control module, or any other control system for locomotive accessories, Transtech can convert it to operate on any voltage. Many of our bus/train power electronics increase product life by using a lower input voltage, thus allowing for the purchase of standard parts. Transtech can also create custom solutions to replace specially manufactured parts which have become obsolete over time.

Let us develop a long-lasting product to meet your individual needs. We focus on minimizing costs and maximizing quality, and our train and bus control modules and power electronics are designed for maximum safety in high and low-voltage environments. View our Products page for more information or request a custom solution for a bus/train control module, monitoring system or power electronics.