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About Transtech Bus and Railway Electronics

"In 2001, we came to Transtech Innovations to develop an innovative and high-performing Imbalance Current Detector. Since then, ABB has sold more than 1000 units all over North America and there have been no maintenance issues. The service level, from production to customer service, has been excellent."

Martin Bussière,
Global APLV
Products Marketing Manager RCS,
Director Business
Development & Sales,
Electric Traction North America

"Before installing foot switches from Transtech Innovations, we were replacing our mechanical units on average once a year. Since 1996, we have installed more than 750 units on various models with excellent results. With the latest model we have hardly needed replacement or maintenance. All in all, a great return on our investment!"

Pascal Ouellette,
STM Engineering Section Manager,
Bus Maintenance

“We asked Transtech Innovations to collaborate on the development of a new Auxiliary Power Control Box for one of our clients. It was a fast-track project, and Transtech's contribution was instrumental. They responded quickly with a full commitment. We met the deadlines and installed a robust and highly reliable unit.”

Daniel Lanoix,
Bombardier Transport:
Manager, System Engineering
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About Transtech Innovations: Bus/Railway Power Electronics, Custom Railway Train Control Box Manufacturing, and More

Founded in 1994, Transtech Innovations manufactures bus/railway electronics. A Transtech client may require a durable bus/railway train control box, a bus/train voltage regulator, or a train monitoring  module for the transit industry. Transtech’s product line is made of durable materials designed to last in harsh environments. The company offers both off-the-shelf and custom products suited to each client’s requirements, specifically:

Whatever the mandate, Transtech is committed to quality and durability—whether designing a battery monitoring system, a DC-DC power converter, a voltage regulator, or a custom train control box.

Require a replacement part which is no longer produced? Having trouble finding a standard product on the market?  Looking to customize a power converter with an embedded controller, or configure a custom monitoring module  with special parameters? From A to Z, Transtech can design custom products to suit your needs. Our services include creative research and development, product piloting and serial manufacturing, meticulous quality assurance, as well as parts maintenance and replacement. Our local suppliers enable us to minimize delivery time. For shelf products that are already prepared, such as flasher footswitches and voltage regulators, delivery time is even shorter!

With fifteen years of research and development, Transtech confidently provides solutions that last.  We pride ourselves on quality and efficiency and can deliver both low-volume and high-volume orders. We are accustomed to working under OEM agreements in different capacities, handling large volumes with high serviceability and constant maintenance programs. We work closely with transit authorities and develop products requirements as necessary. In addition, Transtech accommodates international standards and provides economical solutions.  

Here are some of Transtech’s end-user clients:

  • Bombardier
  • The New Jersey Transit Authority
  • The Chicago Transit Authority
  • The New York Transit Authority
  • Volvo Bus (Nova Bus)
  • The Société de Transport de Montréal  (STM)
  • And many more across the world

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