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"In 2001, we came to Transtech Innovations to develop an innovative and high-performing Imbalance Current Detector. Since then, ABB has sold more than 1000 units all over North America and there have been no maintenance issues. The service level, from production to customer service, has been excellent."

Martin Bussière,
Global APLV
Products Marketing Manager RCS,
Director Business
Development & Sales,
Electric Traction North America

"Before installing foot switches from Transtech Innovations, we were replacing our mechanical units on average once a year. Since 1996, we have installed more than 750 units on various models with excellent results. With the latest model we have hardly needed replacement or maintenance. All in all, a great return on our investment!"

Pascal Ouellette,
STM Engineering Section Manager,
Bus Maintenance

“We asked Transtech Innovations to collaborate on the development of a new Auxiliary Power Control Box for one of our clients. It was a fast-track project, and Transtech's contribution was instrumental. They responded quickly with a full commitment. We met the deadlines and installed a robust and highly reliable unit.”

Daniel Lanoix,
Bombardier Transport:
Manager, System Engineering
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Bus/Railway Power Electronics and Auxiliary Power Unit Design

Transtech’s bus and railway power electronics feed bus and train control modules, motors, lamps, and other electrical loads with the required power and voltage. Whether to power headlights or windshield wiper motors, Transtech manufactures power electronics to fit specific client needs.

Some of Transtech’s bus and railway power electronics include:

Clients may request custom bus/railway power electronics for many reasons, such as to transform variable DC voltage into a fixed DC voltage power supply (12V, 24V DC, 37.5V DC, etc.). Some common reasons for customization in the bus/railway power electronics arena include:

  1. Bus or railway electronics may need to bridge between different voltages if the manufacturers’ voltage does not match the input voltage for a control system, such as a headlight control module. Transtech’s customized solutions enable clients to use bus or railway electronic product of any input voltage.

  2. Clients can often purchase standard control systems which are more readily available on the market, and thus minimize delivery lead time on a product. 

  3. Standard bus/railway power electronics are less expensive. Adjusting bus or railway power electronics to fit a standard voltage is an effective way to decrease costs.

Benefits of Transtech’s Bus/Railway Power Electronics and Auxiliary Power Unit Design

Transtech’s bus and railway power electronics are made with high efficiency, reducing power consumption and lowering the internal temperature of power electronics. Maintenance costs for headlights, for instance, are significantly lowered by converting 24V DC to 12.8V DC with soft-start and other driving features. Under these conditions, railway headlights last longer. The result is environmentally friendly and economical. Many of Transtech’s customized railway power electronics can also accommodate a wide range of input voltages, such as using 72V DC railway voltage to feed standard 12V or 24V windshield wipers motors.

Transtech additionally offers safety products for bus and railway electronics, such as the ground fault current detector to prevent current leakage and offer potential protection against electrocution. Products can be customized, such as Transtech’s day running light module, which has a soft start feature. Contact us for further information or check our Products page to learn more about our auxiliary power unit design and other bus/railway electronics.