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"In 2001, we came to Transtech Innovations to develop an innovative and high-performing Imbalance Current Detector. Since then, ABB has sold more than 1000 units all over North America and there have been no maintenance issues. The service level, from production to customer service, has been excellent."

Martin Bussière,
Global APLV
Products Marketing Manager RCS,
Director Business
Development & Sales,
Electric Traction North America

“We asked Transtech Innovations to collaborate on the development of a new Auxiliary Power Control Box for one of our clients. It was a fast-track project, and Transtech's contribution was instrumental. They responded quickly with a full commitment. We met the deadlines and installed a robust and highly reliable unit.”

Daniel Lanoix,
Bombardier Transport:
Manager, System Engineering

"Before installing foot switches from Transtech Innovations, we were replacing our mechanical units on average once a year. Since 1996, we have installed more than 750 units on various models with excellent results. With the latest model we have hardly needed replacement or maintenance. All in all, a great return on our investment!"

Pascal Ouellette,
STM Engineering Section Manager,
Bus Maintenance
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Transtech Products: Bus/Railway Electronics, Power Converters, and Monitoring Systems

Transtech Innovations offers off-the-shelf products for bus and railway electronics and power converters. Our extensive research and development process enables us to provide clients with ready-made bus and railway electronics configured to different needs. Our service-proven units include windshield wiper control module products, headlight/auxiliary light controller products, and bus/railway power converters. Transtech’s bus and railway products are intensively tested to ensure durability in harsh environments. For all products, Transtech works to keep costs low.

Transtech also offers custom solutions for bus and railway electronics and power converters. Contact us to request a customized solution.

Railway Products

Railway Electronics, Power Converters and Railway Monitoring Systems

Headlight Control Module

Transtech Headlight Control Module


Transtech’s headlight control module controls the headlights and auxiliary lights on a train.  It includes a power converter which allows it to be powered by any operating voltage on any motor car and/or locomotive. Using Transtech’s headlight control module, the lights last significantly longer. Transtech’s headlight control module can be easily modified and configured to meet your needs with different delay times, different input/output voltages, various intensities, a customized warning signal for burned-out lights, and so on.

Windshield Wiper Control Module



Transtech’s windshield wiper control modules control the intermittence and speed of windshield wipers. An embedded power converter allows the control modules to be powered by any operating voltage on any motor car or locomotive. Transtech can customize the product to any necessary output voltage to windshield wiper motors and windshield washer pumps. Add-ons include preassembled windshield wiper motors, blades, pantographs, and windshield washer pumps with reservoirs. Transtech can supply a complete windshield wiper system, including power converter.


Windshield Wiper Power Unit

Windshield Wiper Power

Many train accessories are powered on typical train voltages like 72Vdc or 48Vdc or 37.5Vdc, but the windshield wiper motor and windshield washer pump may function on 12v or 24v. Transtech’s windshield wiper power unit converts the voltage to bridge between the typical train voltages and the windshield wiper system.



Backlighted Railway Electronics Door Sign

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Transtech’s door signs with LED backlighting indicate how to open a train’s door. Customized messages, language, and color are offered. Rather than automatically opening all railway doors, this product allows passengers to open and close doors one at a time and conserve the temperature within. Transtech can add an electromechanical or electronic touch pad switch to initiate door opening.





Solid State Track Brake Contactor

Transtech Railway Electronics Brake Contactors

Transtech’s solid state track brake contactors are used to activate the track brake system in emergency situations. This fully-protected contactor can replace electromechanical contactors in order to reduce maintenance costs and provide higher security.



Under-Voltage Protection Module

Railway Voltage Protection

Monitor your railway electronics with an under-voltage protection module. This system ensures products are not damaged by voltage fluctuations under a certain threshold value with hysteresis. This item can also be configured as an over-voltage or under-voltage protection module for railway electronics.



Imbalance Current Detector for Ground Fault Detection Application

: Transtech Railway Electronics Current Detector

This unit has been developed to detect leakage currents between a high DC voltage source and its load. This product is typically used for ground fault detection in DC circuits and it has the exceptional feature of low leakage current detection application. This unit can detect low leakage currents (few mA) with load up to 1000Vdc, 40A.



Door Threshold Thermostat

An indispensable railway system in colder climates, Transtech’s waterproof threshold thermostats are placed next to the threshold of railway doors. The thermostat activates heaters when the temperature reaches a particular threshold. Temperature setting can be adjusted to specific needs.

Auxiliary Power Contactor Box

The auxiliary power contactor box can be configured to accommodate different challenges and can be customized to any power source and space. It automatically transfers the railway power electronics from one source to another.

Choke Module

Transtech can package EMI suppressor modules to reduce voltage and current peak in your electrical circuits.


Battery Monitoring System

Transtech’s battery monitoring system can be developed for railway electronics. The system can monitor battery cell voltages, currents and battery temperature, as well as provide information and alarms to a battery charger controller. The system can be configured to different environments and parameters.


Bus Products

Bus Electronics, Power Converters and Monitoring Systems

Day Running Light Module

Transtech Bus Electronics DRL Module

Benchmark tests show that headlights last longer with 12v lights as opposed to 24v lights. The day running light module is a power converter which increases the life expectancy of headlights, and features a soft start function. It runs the high beams, low beams, and daylight controls on bus headlights, and enables the use of 12v lights. Costs savings are substantial. Long-term costs can be decreased with the day running light module.


Solid State Footswitch

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The solid state footswitch from Transtech is ergonomically designed for comfort and ease of use. With epoxy coating to protect against water and wear and tear, the footswitch controls right and left turn signals and, on request, emergency lights. Contrary to mechanical foot switches that need to be replaced consistently, the solid state footswitch should last the entire life of the vehicle. Several thousands of this service-proven product have been installed on buses since 1994. Bus drivers, maintenance people and transit authorities are absolutely satisfied.


Power Converters

Transtech Bus Electronics Power Converters

Power converters, like 24V to 12V converters, can be specially developed to meet your different power needs up to 1500W. Standard models are also available. Our product can be adapted to meet different input and output voltage requirements and power needs. Power converters can also be provided with breaker type protected output distribution in order to minimize wiring and reduce costs.




Voltage Regulator

The voltage regulator measures battery voltage and feeds the alternator field in order to regulate battery voltage. This regulator features special characteristics in order to increase battery life expectancy and performances of regulation. The voltage regulator can be configured to meet different voltage requirements.