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Transtech Train Power Unit Design

"In 2001, we came to Transtech Innovations to develop an innovative and high-performing Imbalance Current Detector. Since then, ABB has sold more than 1000 units all over North America and there have been no maintenance issues. The service level, from production to customer service, has been excellent."

Martin Bussière,
Global APLV
Products Marketing Manager RCS,
Director Business
Development & Sales,
Electric Traction North America

“We asked Transtech Innovations to collaborate on the development of a new Auxiliary Power Control Box for one of our clients. It was a fast-track project, and Transtech's contribution was instrumental. They responded quickly with a full commitment. We met the deadlines and installed a robust and highly reliable unit.”

Daniel Lanoix,
Bombardier Transport:
Manager, System Engineering
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Overview of the Railway Industry and Railway Electronics

The Rail Industry

Rail transit is taking a much bigger role in the transportation landscape and will continue to grow in the coming decade. An increasing demand to reduce pollution and minimize costs and energy consumption may require new technical product specifications. Technical specifications may also change with new industry regulations and government policies. Transtech is at the frontline of design in rail electronics and customizes products to meet specifications. Every project is tailored to the client’s requirements.

The growing use of trains on an international scale demands higher product quality, greater functionality and better reliability. In the US, rail transit services exist in over 50 metropolitan areas, and the number is constantly increasing. As of January 1, 2009, the US features 23 commuter railway systems, 15 heavy rail systems, and 34 light rail systems. But with a greater emphasis on the environment, high-speed trains and hybrid trains are growing more popular, as they can cut emission levels by up to 50%. High-speed rail velocities surpass 110 miles per hour, reaching 200 miles an hour in some cases. The recent 2009 US economic stimulus package will invest $13 billion in high-speed rail over a five-year period. The investment reflects a heightened in interest in rail transport as an effective, environmentally-conscious mode of transport.  

From high-speed to hybrid, freight to light rail, Transtech Innovations specializes in manufacturing railway electronics for all kinds of trains. Whether custom or ready-made, our railway electronics answer many diverse needs. Transit authorities may commission a new vehicle requiring specific configurations and outsourced parts. Alternatively, they may require replacement parts for vehicles as much as 10 to 20 years old. In the latter case, Transtech can rebuild and remanufacture custom parts according to particular specifications. Contact us to learn how we can assist you.

Train Control Modules

Trantech offers customizable railway electronics for diverse needs, including: windshield wiper controllers, headlight control modules, auxiliary light controllers, LED Door Signs, and more. See our Products page for more information.

Railway Power Electronics

Trantech’s railway power electronics use high-quality technology to provide highly efficient products. Products include DC-DC voltage converters, over-voltage protection modules, solid state contactors and more. See our Products page for more information.

Railway Monitoring System Products

A railway monitoring system from Transtech oversees the functioning of electrical systems, like batteries in hybrid vehicles or heater systems in passenger cars. Products include the battery monitoring system and ground fault detector. See our Products page for more information.